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Nature and Dune Noordwijk

The dunes in Noordwijk

The dunes in Noordwijk are of European importance and thus designated as Natura 2000 areas. There are dozens of opportunities for bike and walking tours. An expansive network of trails leads through pinewoods and the open dunes with many surprising viewing holes and views on the North Sea and the bulb fields in the surrounding countryside.

The Dutch Dune (Hollands Duin)
The Dutch Dune stretches from around Katwijk well to the north of Noordwijk. An expansive dune area in the middle of the Randstad to get some fresh air, play sports or enjoy the peace and quiet. The variation from open dunes and dense woods makes a visit to this nature park a real pleasure. With loads of bloom in the early spring, sea-buckthorn berries and beautiful moss in autumn and silence in winter.

The Coepelduynen

Due to the specific open dune landscape and the special flora and fauna, the Coepelduynen have been assigned a Natura 2000 area. They are freely accessible for hikers. Only during breeding season (1 March through 1 August), the central part is closed off. The bike path and hiking path between Noordwijk and Katwijk provide a good view of the Coepelduynen.


The Langeveld is a diverse and special landscape with mushrooms and dune creek. For walkers, the area is freely accessible on little trails and paths. Bikers will get a good impression of this area from the bike path that passes by the foot of the dunes.

North dunes

Alongside the inside of the dunes of Noordwijk lies an expansive pine forest and in the dunes along the seaside you’ll find dense thickets, but also grassy plains and ‘drifting dunes’. The entire area houses an abundance of summer birds. The line alongside the sea is covered in marram and on the landside with sea-buckthorn and elders. Walkers can make use of an expansive system of trails, which includes the three high dune tops. Special trails have been laid out for bikers, horse riders and mountain bikers.

Country estate Leeuwenhorst

This woodland area, located in the municipality Noordwijkerhout, consists of old beech avenues, oakwoods and various newly planted trees. A special element is the large pond of Nieuw-Leeuwenhorst where hundreds of water birds hibernate. A viewing screen is provided for people to observe the water birds without disturbing them. 

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

This vast dune area knows a varied overgrowth of broad-leaved woods, pinewoods, thickets, grassy plains and ‘dusting dunes’. There are also canals and pools (especially in the part in North-Holland) that play a role in water collection. Grazers should prevent the dunes from overgrowing completely with bushes.

The bulb region

The dunes alongside the North Sea are evidently essential in the battle against the water and for the Dutch water supply. The bulb region that lies behind it is the most colourful region in the Netherlands during spring. The amazing bulb fields and the world-famous Keukenhof are situated here. Noordwijk distinguishes itself from other seaside resorts by the presence of these vast bulb fields behind the dunes. 

Visitor Center Noordwijk

The Visitor Center Noordwijk, located at the Grent 8, can help you with all your questions about Noordwijk. They would love to provide you with information, a map or a great idea for a nice day out.