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Holiday with children in Zandvoort

Holiday with children in Zandvoort, Bloemendaal or Noordwijk, is a good choice. Because on the beach and in the dunes there is so much to enjoy and discover for young and old. Zandvoort or Noordwijk is also a great base for a visit to the cities of Haarlem, Leiden or Amsterdam.

But also beyond

We like to share a few tips from parents with children who live here. 


Swimming, digging pits, building sand castles, collecting shells, kite flying or football is great to do on the beach. But there is more!

avoid unnecessary stress and worry and read, before you go to the beach, the 7 tips for a safe day on the beach with your kids.

Beach combing

Beachcomber’s happiness is the feeling when you find something where you're not looking for. On the beach you can find anything. Shells, beautiful skies, the fresh breeze, the sound of the waves.

And ... also a lot of stuff that doesn´t belong there. It may disappoint you, but not necessarily. We collect everything we´ll find, dispose what we can't use and make something beautiful out of the leftover material. Happiness guaranteed! And who doesn't like that? Soon you can read more about the beachcombing excursions by Suzanne.