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Rental terms and conditions

If you make a booking through Booklidays (online, by phone or e-mail), this automatically means that you agree to the terms and conditions of Booklidays. Therefore, we recommend you to read these conditions properly before finalising your booking. Our terms and conditions can be found under ‘My Booklidays’.

Booklidays will also assume that you have read the travel information on the website about the accommodation of your choice.


In these terms and conditions, the following terms have the following meaning, unless explicitly stated otherwise. These definitions have the same meaning in plural as they do in singular:

Accommodation: the object the Homeowner lets or wishes to let to a Tenant through Booklidays.
Accommodation page: a page on the Booklidays Website where visitors can find all information about the relevant Accommodation.
Booking: a lease between Homeowner and Tenant realised through Booklidays.
Booklidays: the user of these terms and conditions: Booklidays, with its registered postal address at Karel Doormanstraat 10-1 in Zandvoort, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 34367278. Office address: Burgemeester van Fenemaplein 6, Zandvoort.
Contact person: the person who is his/her contact person for the duration of the stay of the Tenant and observes and performs tasks relating to the management of the Accommodation. This could be the Homeowner, any third party or the maintainer of Booklidays.
Homeowner: the manager or owner of an Accommodation who enters into the lease with Booklidays.
Tenant: the (legal) person who makes a Booking through Booklidays.
Lease: the lease agreement of the rent of the Accommodation agreed between the Homeowner and Tenant.
Location manager: local representative of Booklidays. 
Travel information: all the important information for the Tenant described on the Accommodation page.
Conditions: the current terms and conditions, also accessible via ‘My Booklidays’.
Coupon: Accommodation ticket the Tenant receives after payment, which includes all necessary information of the relevant Accommodation.
Website: all Websites that are property of Booklidays.

Nature of agreement

Booklidays mediates for the realisation of Leases between Homeowners and Tenants. The Lease is always an agreement between Homeowner and Tenant. Only between those parties can rights and obligations originate resulting from the Lease.

Booklidays will act as representative of the Homeowner and is not further liable as far as there is a connection with the performance of the mediation. Any (further) liability of Booklidays is limited to the rental price paid to Booklidays by the Tenant.

Rating system

Booklidays has its own rating system. The number of stars indicates what Tenants can expect of the quality of a certain Accommodation.

While rating the Accommodations, Booklidays takes into account the luxury of the Accommodation but also the atmosphere, comfort and location.

Furthermore, all separate characteristics of an Accommodation are rated for user-friendliness.

Whenever a Tenant chooses a simple Accommodation that is rated with a small amount of stars, he/she cannot expect a 5-star Accommodation.

Satisfaction guarantee

Booklidays tries to paint as clear a picture of the Accommodations as possible for Tenants on the Website. For this, every Accommodation is described in great detail, there is a complete list of characteristics and rating system with reviews. Photos and/or videos of the Accommodations can also be found online. Booklidays would love to provide clarity on an Accommodation before a Tenant books it.

All Accommodations have been visited by a representative of Booklidays upon registration. All information visible on the Booklidays Website originates from the relevant Homeowner.

Homeowners receive access to an extranet and are fully responsible for updating prices, availability and other information relating to the Accommodation shown on the Website.

Booklidays cannot always verify the information a Homeowner places on the Website. Therefore, Booklidays cannot be held responsible for any mistakes (including remarkable and typographic errors), any disruption (whether caused by temporary and/or partial defects, repairs, upgrading, Website maintenance or any other cause), inaccuracies, misleading or untruthful information or lack of information. The Homeowner is responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information added by him or her (including rates and availability) shown on the Website.

If a Tenant is of the opinion that the rented Accommodation does not agree upon arrival with the Booking he/she made, the Tenant should report this complaint to Booklidays within 3 hours after arrival.

This could concern the following complaints:
  • The Accommodation does not agree with the factual characteristics or photos as stated on the Accommodation page.
  • The Accommodation has substantial shortcomings with respect to the interior that were not stated on the Website.
  • The Accommodation was not cleaned properly.
After the Tenant has reported one of the above-mentioned complaints, it is the duty of the Contact person to resolve this complaint.

If the Contact person fails to resolve the complaint of the Tenant, Booklidays will act as mediator, but only under the following conditions:
  • The complaint was reported within 3 hours after arrival.
  • The Contact person has received sufficient opportunity by the Tenant to resolve the problem.
The surroundings of the Accommodation as described on the Website are always subject to external influences. Therefore, this description is a representation that could change per season and weather. Booklidays cannot be held responsible for this.

Lowest price guarantee

The Homeowner ensures Booklidays that his/her Accommodation will not be rented out against more favourable (price) conditions then offered by Booklidays.

Should a Tenant be able to let the same Accommodation elsewhere against a lower price and for the same conditions (the same period, number of people, services), then Booklidays will charge the Tenant the same amount as this ‘cheaper’ party. The Tenant will also receive a 25 EUR discount from the Contact person upon arrival.

This lowest price guarantee is applicable to the rental price and is unrelated to the deposit. ‘Equal conditions’ means that differences in price originating by, for example, booking earlier or later are not included in the arrangement. A last-minute Booking or early bird discount could at all times turn out to be cheaper, even within the Booklidays Website.
A Tenant should claim the lowest price guarantee before he/she makes a reservation or up to 10 days after the reservation has been made. After this period, the opportunity to put in a claim will have expired.
In this case, Booklidays will request Tenants for proof via e-mail as verification.

Accommodation Prices

The Homeowner determines the prices of his/her Accommodation(s). These prices are immediately visible for Tenants on the Website. Although Booklidays does advise the Homeowner in this, the price/quality ratio of an Accommodation may be too high or too low. The prices of the Accommodations are also variable; they can be adjusted 24 hours per day. Booklidays is not responsible for this.

Prices mentioned in the calendar on the Accommodation page are always based on stay with a certain number of people, usually the maximum occupation. Sometimes, a Homeowner will charge additional costs for a stay with multiple persons. Booklidays therefore advises Tenants to enter the desired number of people while searching for an Accommodation to prevent being disappointed.


Booklidays expects the Homeowner to keep the availability of his/her Accommodation(s) up-to-date. Cancellation of the Homeowner in case of double Booking will be notified to the Tenant within 24 hours. This will occur by e-mail or by phone. In this case, the Tenant will also immediately receive – if possible – an alternative offer.

Booking costs

The booking costs depend on the rent and are stated before and during the booking process to the Tenant in the price overview.


The Accommodations shown on the Website each have their own rules regarding payment of deposit.
The Homeowner/Contact person is responsible for this. Tenants can find information on payment of the deposit on the relevant Accommodation page, during the booking process, on the booking confirmation and on the Coupon.
There are 3 available options:
  • Tenant is required to pay deposit in advance, together with the remaining (rental) price.
  • Tenant is required to pay deposit upon arrival, in cash.
  • Tenant is required to pay deposit with credit card.
If the Tenant did not cause any damage to the Accommodation and left it behind clean (to be judged by Homeowner/Contactperson), he/she will receive a refund of the deposit.

The Homeowner/Contact person determines in which way a Tenant receives the refund of his/her deposit. There are three options:
  • Tenant receives deposit back immediately, in cash, after inspection of the Accommodation.
  • Tenant receives deposit back within 2 weeks after departure on his/her bank account. For this, the Tenant will fill in his/her account number on ‘My Booklidays’.
  • If the deposit was made via credit card, said deposit will be returned within 5 days.

Bed linen

Not all Accommodations have bed linen provided. In some cases, it can be obtained after payment. Relevant information is stated on every Accommodation page under the heading ‘options’.
Duvets/blankets and pillows are present in all Accommodations offered on the Website.

The Tenant should use linen on beds and is not entitled to use beds without sheets/linen. If a Tenant does not use sheets/linen, the Contact person is entitled to retain part of the deposit.

Use of gas, water and electricity

For almost all Accommodations, the use of gas, water and electricity is included in the rent. In some cases, Tenant should pay gas, water and electricity according to usage. This information can be found on the Accommodation page under the heading ‘options’.

Additional options

Booklidays sometimes offers additional services during your stay, such as renting a baby chair, travel cot or additional interim cleaning. The possibility of additional services is stated on every Accommodation page under the heading ‘options’. These options can be booked as extras by the Tenant.


Not all Homeowners allow pets in their Accommodation(s). Only if it is explicitly stated on the Website and during the Booking process are Tenants allowed to bring a pet to the Accommodation.

However, the following rules apply:
  • The dog must be house-trained.
  • The dog should not climb onto the furniture
  • The dog will not cause any inconvenience by barking
Failure to comply with one of these rules could result in immediate termination of the Lease, without any right to compensation.

Free cancellation

By default, consumers who book a trip or holiday accommodation online do not have any right to a cooling-off period. Booklidays does offer Tenants that extra service. The duration of the cooling-off period depends on the amount of time before arrival.

Cooling-off period

  • When Booking more than 28 days prior to the planned date of arrival, the cooling-off period is 10 days.
  • When Booking less than 28 days but more than 4 days prior to the planned date of arrival, the cooling-off period is 2 days.
  • When Booking less than 4 days prior to the planned date of arrival, there is no cooling-off period.
In order to change or cancel a Booking after the cooling-off period has expired, Booklidays cancellation conditions apply. Changing a Booking will not extend the cooling-off period.

Tenants can cancel their Booking free of charge within the stated cooling-off period. Booklidays will, however, charge the Tenant 10 EUR administrative costs for the refund of the deposit/payment.

Payment conditions

Steps 3 during booking an Accommodation as well as the booking confirmation describe precisely when a Tenant should pay the deposit/payment.

How much a Tenant is required to pay in advance (for the deposit) depends on the choice of package of the Homeowner.
For Bookings more than 28 days prior to the planned date of arrival, one of the following two options is available:
  • Tenant is required (within 10 days after Booking) to make a deposit of the rent and he/she will pay the remaining amount upon arrival.
  • Tenant is required (within 10 days after Booking) to make a deposit of the rent and he/she will pay the remaining amount at least 28 days before arrival.
Cleaning costs, linen and any other additional options will be paid by the Tenant upon arrival.

For Bookings 28 days or less prior to the planned date of arrival, the following options are available:
  • Tenant is required (within 10 days after Booking) to make a deposit of the rent and will pay the remaining amount plus the costs of additional options upon arrival.
  • Tenant is required (within 10 days after Booking) to pay the entire rental price. Cleaning costs, linen and any other additional options will be paid by the Tenant upon arrival.
For Bookings less than 4 days prior to the planned date of arrival, the following rule applies:
  • Tenant is required immediately after Booking to pay (the deposit) online via one of the payment options (i.e. Credit card, iDeal, Directbanking, Giropay) under ‘My Booklidays’.

Changing a Booking

A Tenant can make various changes to his/her Booking under ‘My Booklidays’, such as:
  • Adding additional persons to their travel company (if allowed)
  • Adjusting personal information
  • Adding a dog (if allowed)
  • Booking additional options, like linen/baby chair etc.
  • Extending duration of stay
If a Tenant wishes to shorten the duration of stay or decrease the number of persons he/she is accompanying, no refund will be given unless this change is performed within the cooling-off period.

Personal information Accommodation

Pursuant to privacy legislation, the address of the Accommodation will only be made known to the Tenant after he/she has fulfilled the payment as mentioned on the confirmation. The address will be mentioned on the Coupon the Tenant will receive per e-mail after payment. This Coupon can also be found under ‘My Booklidays’. The location of an Accommodation, however, can be viewed by Tenants before Booking on the Accommodation page under the heading ‘location’.

Cancellation conditions

If a Tenant wishes to cancel his/her Booking, Booklidays should be notified as soon as possible. You can do so via ‘My Booklidays’, by phone or e-mail.
How much the cancellation costs of the Tenant amount to depend on when he/she cancels the Booking. The following applies:
  • If the Tenant cancels more than 28 days prior to arrival and if the cooling-off period has expired, the cancellation costs will amount to the deposit + booking costs.
  • If the Tenant cancels less than 28 days prior to arrival and if the cooling-off period has expired, the cancellation costs will amount to the deposit + remaining payment + booking costs.
If a Tenant does not pay within the desired payment term as indicated under the heading ‘Payment conditions on ‘My Booklidays’, the Accommodation will be released and the Tenant will receive an invoice of above-mentioned cancellation costs.

Cancellation by Booklidays

If any circumstances prompt Booklidays to cancel the already rented Accommodation, Booklidays will immediately notify the Tenant and offer a suitable alternative, if possible. If the Tenant does not accept this alternative, or if no suitable alternative can be found, Booklidays will immediately refund the amount already paid by the Tenant. The Tenant has no more or other right against Booklidays other than recovering this amount.

Liability of Tenant

The person who actually books an Accommodation in his/her name, the Tenant – also called main booker – is liable for his/her personal behaviour and that of all persons within the company he/she registers. All correspondence from Booklidays will be sent to this Tenant.

During the stay, the Tenant is fully liable for the rented Accommodation, its design and all property belonging to the rented object. Any damage of which is assumed without evidence to the contrary that it was caused by the Tenant and/or his/her companions should be compensated by the Tenant at their replacement value immediately and to the Homeowner or Contact person. The Contact person is entitled to use the deposit for this cause.

In case of extreme, wilfully caused damage to the home or serious inconvenience towards neighbours caused by the Tenant, Booklidays (on behalf of Homeowner), the Homeowner or Contact person has the right to immediately terminate the Lease without refund of the rent. The Tenant will be required to leave the accommodation within 2 hours.

Between the hours of 22.00 and 08.00, the Tenant is required to respect the sleep of neighbours and not cause any inconvenience.

It is not allowed to stay with more than the booked number of people in the rented Accommodation, unless explicit written permission was given by the Homeowner, Contact person or Booklidays. Failure to comply with this rule could result in immediate termination of the Lease and a fine of the paid deposit, for which the Tenant will of course not be entitled to any compensation.

Liability Homeowner

The Homeowner is not liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind, caused by or to Tenants of Accommodations mediated by Booklidays. If the Tenant should suffer damages as a result of deficiencies to the rented Accommodation, then the liability of the Homeowner is limited to the paid rental price. The Homeowner is not liable for any other damage except for intended or conscious recklessness and in this case the liability will also be limited to the paid rental price.

Liability Booklidays

Booklidays can never be held liable for any damage and/or costs suffered by the Tenant considering that Booklidays is not involved as a party in the agreement between Homeowner and Tenant. In case Booklidays would be liable for any reason whatsoever, the liability is excluded for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind, caused to or by Tenants of the Accommodations mediated by Booklidays, at least maximised to the amount the insurer of Booklidays might pay in the relevant case.

Construction activities

The Accommodations of Booklidays are individual property of various Homeowners and are not located in a holiday park. For this reason, unexpected construction activities might incidentally occur in nearby parcels of land by order of third parties we are not in contact with. Unfortunately, inconvenience caused by similar activities cannot be excluded completely. Although Booklidays cannot take any responsibility for this, Booklidays will always try to mediate in collaboration with its contact person.


Not all sport facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, clubs etc. mentioned in the description are open every day, year round.
Booklidays is not liable for third party facilities that for any reason during the stay of the Tenant may not be accessible.

Internet and TV

On every Accommodation page, the Tenant will find whether the Accommodation has Internet and/or TV under the heading ‘characteristics’.
In case of Internet and/or TV failure, the Contact person will do anything to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If the Contact person cannot resolve the failure, the Tenant is not entitled to any discount regarding rent.

Arrival and departure

Tenants book an Accommodation through Booklidays immediately with the Homeowner. Every Homeowner/Contact person determines the possible arrival and departure times for Tenants. The Tenant will be informed of this via the relevant Accommodation page and after Booking.

Upon arrival, the Tenant should hand over the Coupon he/she received by e-mail after payment to the Contact person.

Upon arrival, Tenants should also be able to show the Contact person a valid ID. The Contact person is entitled to refuse access to the Accommodation to Tenants who cannot identify themselves.

Costs final cleaning

Any cleaning costs may differ per Accommodation. This information can be found on the relevant Accommodation page.

For all Accommodations on the Website of Booklidays, the following rules apply regarding cleaning:
The Accommodation is delivered clean. All observations or comments about cleaning and/or inventory should be reported to the Contact person immediately by the Tenants on the day of arrival. If a Tenant is not satisfied with the condition of the delivered service, he/she is required to contact the relevant Contact person within 3 hours.
Upon departure, the Tenant should leave behind the Accommodation in reasonable condition, which means:
  • Broom clean
  • Crockery and cutlery washed and stored in the appropriate places.
  • All inventory should be returned to their original place.
  • The dishwasher (if available) is empty
  • The beds have been stripped and the linen (if rented from Booklidays) has been collected in a central place.
  • The trash has been deposited in the bins.
  • The fireplace and BBQ are empty and have been cleaned
  • The outdoor furniture is in its original place
  • The garden and/or terrace is free of trash
If the Accommodation is not left behind in conformity with these guidelines, the Contact person is entitled to retain the deposit on the spot.


All distances mentioned on the Website have been measured as the crow flies. This means the walking distance or distance by car can deviate in reality. It may sometimes be necessary to reach the destination by taking stairs or steep roads. If this is the case, it will be stated on the relevant Accommodation page.

Copyright/IE rights

Copyright 2013/2014 Booklidays. No part of the Website or brochure of Booklidays can be copied, reproduced and/or made public by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or by any other means whatsoever without prior written consent of Booklidays.

Dissatisfaction or complaints

If a Tenant has a complaint or is dissatisfied with the Accommodation, he/she should report this immediately to the Contact person of the Accommodation. If the complaint in the opinion of the Tenant is not properly dealt with and/or resolved, the Tenant should immediately contact the customer service department of Booklidays by phone, e-mail or fax from the holiday destination. This method is absolutely necessary, as this will allow Booklidays to take action at the moment the Tenant makes his/her complaint known. Complaints that are not reported by the Tenant during stay in the Accommodation and for which no complaint form has been completed on site will not be considered.
If a complaint relates to the making of the Booking, Tenants can report this to Booklidays within one month after taking note of the fact relating to the complaint.

Conflict resolution

Complaints upon arrival, during the stay or after departure will be resolved by the Contact person and Tenant. Both are obliged to maximise their effort to find a solution in order to avoid a lawsuit. If both parties cannot come an agreement regarding the solution, the Location manager will mediate.

All complaints resulting from a Booking, even those that would only be considered by one of the parties or as such, will, after a preceding attempt for amicable settlement, which will be advanced by Booklidays in collaboration with the Location manager, be decided by the authorised civil judge.


The Dutch law applies to these general terms and conditions. Disputes arising from and/or connected to the general terms and conditions will be settled by the Court of Noord-Holland, location Haarlem.

Final article

If a situation arises between parties that is not addressed in these general terms and conditions, the situation should be assessed in the spirit of these terms and conditions.

(The original Dutch version of these Conditions has been released in several languages. This is an extra service provided by Booklidays; the translation is an unofficial version. In case of a dispute or inconsistency between the Dutch version of the general terms and conditions and a translation thereof, the Dutch version counts in the highest extent permitted by law as the final version. No rights can be derived from the translation. The Dutch version of the Conditions is available on the Website of Booklidays. To view this, please select ‘Dutch’ in the language menu on the top of the page. Upon written request, Booklidays will send interested parties the Dutch version.)