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Beach Noordwijk

Luxurious seaside resort

Noordwijk’s coastal line is no less than 13 kilometres long. The beach is surrounded by robust dunes and splendid woods. The 1,5km long esplanade is excellent for strolling. It consists of two parts: the modern Queen Wilhemina esplanade (with the most hotel and catering facilities) to the North of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and the more traditional Queen Astrid esplanade to the south. From April to September, 18 beach pavilions offer a diverse supply of relaxation, food and drinks. The pavilions are built every year and have their own, unique character and kitchen. Every pavilion has sunscreens and -beds you can rent or you enjoy the sun on a sidewalk café with a drink and a delicious meal.

Nude beach

To the North of Noordwijk lie two official nude beaches. The first is located slightly to the south of the Duindamse Slag. The second nude beach starts just to the north of Langevelderslag. In all privacy, guests can enjoy nature and naturism. It’s not obliged by the way, textile is allowed!

Blue flag

In 2012, Noordwijk received the international Blue Flag for the 26th time. This flag is a symbol of clean and safe beaches. Noordwijk needs to meet quite a few criteria to be allowed the waving flag. These criteria are related to the quality of the water, proper facilities, the presence of a first aid station, life-saving equipment, facilities for disabled people and more. Noordwijk has also received the Quality Coast Award for several times for the highest quality of human and nature-friendly tourism. 

Water sports

There’s more than enough to go around for the water sports enthusiasts. From golfsurfing to kitesurfing, from prawn fishing to swimming. Noordwijk is a real kitesurfing hotspot, there are 2 kitesurfing schools. Kitesurfing is allowed on three locations on the beach: at KSN, near exit 21 and at Langeveldeslag, near Nora’s radio station.   

Beach library

Near exit 18 (left to Noordwijk’s rescue-team) you will find a beach library. The beach visitors (national and international) can lend a book or iPod for free. 


Taking your dog for a walk is allowed, but under certain conditions. From 1 September to 1 June, dogs are allowed everywhere without being on a leash. Outside this period, dogs are not allowed. On the beaches at the end of the Queen Astrid esplanade (exit 1 to Katwijk) dogs are allowed year round.  


Are you wheelchair-bound? You have access to the beach too and you can even reach the sea with the beach wheelchair. Noordwijk has five beach wheelchairs available for free from three different beach pavilions. This is indicated by a so-called beachcomber flag. Near the beach exits, parking spaces for disabled persons are also available.


There are 3 rescue-teams present on Noordwijk beach, near exit 18, at the Duindsamse Slag and at Langevelderslag respectively. The police post can be found near exit 10.

First aid

Please proceed to the closest beach pavilion, rescue-team post or police post for advice.